May 22, 2012

South Carolina

This past weekend I flew down to South Carolina to visit my parents. It was a very quick trip but I was happy to get away and to see them. My best friend Megan drove an hour to hang out on Saturday and it was so good to be back together again. No one ever tells you how things change when you grow up, it's like a scary little secret they wait for you to find out on your own. Megan and I have a strong friendship-we have the BEST friendship but even this one changes. It's hard sometimes with all the new aspects of our lives but I know that with continued effort and love we'll be friends forever.

Saturday morning Mom and I went to get my hair and makeup done as a test run for the day of the ceremony. It was fun and girlie and even though I'm not a make-up fan I think once it's all said and done I'll be happy I did it for the big day.

Before my flight on Sunday we stopped at my aunt and uncles house for lunch. My cousin Jack was working but I did get to hang out with my not so little anymore cousin Kelly (she's almost a teenager!).
It was a quick trip but it was so good to be surrounded by family again. See you all soon!

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