May 11, 2012

Strong Women

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I think Military spouses are a unique breed; we're tough and strong, even in our weakest moments. With close to a year of dealing with Dave's deployment under my belt there are many things I've learned and I'm going to share them with you.

1. It's ok to handle things in your own way
I have really good weeks, and then I have weekends where I shut myself up in the house all alone and get down and sad. That's ok because it's how I deal with things and as long as I'm not doing it and am realizing that I've alienated myself and I need to come crawling out and reach out to people I think it's ok.

2. Sometimes you need to cry
It may be the stupidest thing that sets me off (like the fact that I am now a Maryland Drivers License holder) but it's that one little thing that finally breaks me. And once I'm all cried out I usually feel a lot better. The tears haven't come as often as they did in the beginning so for me It's usually months of pent up frustration that come flowing out.

3. You need support of others like you
While I appreciate and love every one's support, if you're not going through it the same exact way you just won't get it. And while every Army wife's situation is different we understand and have a unique bond. Luckily my mom and my best friend are fellow Army wives and can help and lend an understanding ear. But even then their situations differed from mine and can't be compared.
What you're SUPPOSED to have when your spouse leaves on a deployment is an FRG (family readiness group), to support you. They're supposed to host events, lunches, dinners, movie nights-basically reasons for us significant others to get together while our other halves are deployed. To say I am appalled by my FRG is an understatement. Growing up as an Army brat I have experienced first hand how and FRG should be. My mom has been an FRG leader many a time and I saw how it was done right. It's sad that we seem to be forgotten only because his whole Battalion isn't deployed. We're the unfortunate few that had our husbands chosen for this mission, and you would think everyone would rally together to help support us during this time. Ok rant over.
On a positive note, Dave and I have felt the love and support of all of you. Thank you for being there for us. I know I couldn't support Dave, and stay relatively sane through this without my friends and family.
And especially to all the Military spouses out there, especially my fellow Army Wives, thank you so very much for your service. We may not wear the uniform but we do so much to support the ones we love that do wear it.

{Megan and her hubby Andy}

{My mom-the most inspiration role model on how to be an Army wife}

{Me and my love}
*Andy and Dave have both been promoted to CPT since these pictures were taken.

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