May 30, 2012

Bucket List

I know how much I hate clicking to one of my daily blog reads and *gasp*, sigh, tear* there's no update. In order to save you all from that sad feeling I'm trying to get better at posting.
You're welcome.
I'm a big fan of bucket lists as you all have learned by now. I think when things are written down and you can physically see what you have to do it's easier to make plans.  At least for me it's easier that way. There are so many options of things to do, especially in the DC area, that it's hard for me to focus on what I should go out and do on a particular weekend that I end up getting too overwhelmed and stay home. That is where my bucket list comes in. It's been fun the past year with Katie focusing mainly on DC and Northern Virginia items but now that I'm up in Maryland I'm focusing more on MD things (and still DC!) I want to take full advantage of living here-so many people take trips once in their life to Washington DC and I've lived here for three years and need to take in all that I can.
I've started to compile a bucket list not only for this summer but for the remainder of the time we're here in the DC area. Things such as:
  • go to a drive-in movie
  • see the big chair in Anacostia
  • Wednesday night sail boat racing in Annapolis
  • Visit the Crystal Grottoes Caverns in MD
  • go camping and see the wild horses in Assateague Island (which will fulfill my childhood dream since reading Misty of Chincoteague)
I'm so excited for Dave to get back and tackle this list with me. Do you have a summer bucket list?

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