January 30, 2012

One Star

{The town hall, on Ft. Myer, where the promotion took place}
On Friday my dad was promoted to Brigadier General after 30 years in the Army. Our family all came into town (minus a few college aged cousins) to celebrate Dad's big accomplishment. I think we were all overwhelmed with the turn out. So many extended family, friends, and colleagues came from all around to be here with us. General Chiarelli, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, made the remarks and alongside with my mom changed my dad's rank.

{General Chiarelli}

{My sister and I switching out dad's rank on his shirt after mom and Gen Chiarelli did his jacket}
My dad gave a moving speech, one that of course made me tear up when he stated that he was missing two people; his dad (who passed away about 20 years ago), and his son-in-law. The ceremony was wonderful and ended with a singing of the Army song, and then it was back to my parents house for the party!

{The tent beside my parents house where the party was}
It was a lot of fun and a little overwhelming at first with everyone that was there. There were so many people to see! I am so proud of my dad and am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to come and help us celebrate my dad, and of course my mom. I was grateful that my mom was recognized as well because the honest truth is my dad couldn't have got this far without her love and support. They really are a team.

                         {My parents and the Chiarelli's}

                              {Dad with his siblings and mom}
There was also a surprise after the ceremony, my best friend Megan and her husband drove all through the night to attend dad's promotion. I haven't seen her since the day after her wedding in September when they went back to Germany, so now they're back in the states and it was a wonderful surprise.

                 {My surprise face! Oh why hello best friend!!!}

                         {Katie and I with our favorite General}

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