December 1, 2011

Welcome December

Katie, Nicole, and I spent last Saturday putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the apartment. I was glad to have the girls around to make it fun and different than last year when it was just me and Dave decorating together. I'm excited that we're another month down in this deployment and I'm hoping that the next time I turn around it'll be 2012-the year Dave comes home!

{One of my favorite pictures. Dave and I last year while decorating for Christmas}

And yes this is what you think it is...
Last night Katie, her friend MaryRuth, and I carved our left over pumpkins, but of course it's no longer Halloween so we had to go with December themes. We ended up with (from left to right) my ornament, MaryRuth's Christmas tree, and Katie P's snowflake. A little silly but so much fun.
Any special holiday traditions you all have? I'm excited for Dave to be home and for us to start our own traditions next year and for all the years to come we'll be together. Just one more thing to look forward to! Does anyone else have their trees up? I'm going to let everyone photo reply to this so please post pictures of your own trees!

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