October 12, 2011

Food for Thought

Every day we get a Chaplain's Daily Words of Inspiration email to all the staff at the hospital. At first I was just deleting them to make room for all the other emails to come through without filling up my inbox. However, I now sit down and read the email in the morning and sometimes it helps my day along. Today's email said:
"Learning to handle problems is like lifting weights: The more we do, the stronger we become.
None of us wish for problems, of course, but when they come along - and we must face problems in our lives - we take solace in gaining coping skills that help us in the future.
(The Daily Book of Positive Quotations)"
How incredibly true. If you're not training your brain to think about problems in that manner I can see how you would let them get to you. BUT if you start to view a problem as a stepping stone to where you need to be and as an obstacle to make you stronger the problems might not seem so big. I'm going to try to remember that for the next 9 1/2 months while Dave is gone. Every little thing is making us stronger even though I may not see it at this current time. Maybe people are sick of hearing me jabber on and on about Dave and the hardship I'm having with him being gone but that's how I cope. I share-sometimes I over share-and that's who I am. I talk about things, I cry over things, I get snippy and I can be in a bad mood for no good reason. I'm going to make an effort to let the problems I'm having be a work out regimen for me, to help me be a stronger person, wife, and friend. So we'll see how long that lasts!

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