September 23, 2011


Today is Dave's 26th birthday!!!

We were able to Skype and I got to watch him open all the presents and packages that people sent him. He laughs at me because I told him he couldn't open anything until his actual birthday. (I have to share this stuff with him right?)
The funny thing about Dave being in Afghanistan is that when we Skyped last night it was Friday morning (his birthday day!) there.
He was very excited opening up all his cards and packages. He made out like a bandit! Thank you to everyone who made his birthday special.
I'm so blessed that the greatest, sweetest, most thoughtful man alive was born 26 years ago today and that I'm lucky enough to be married to him. You're my best friend baby, and I love you more than words can say. So happy birthday Dave! Hope you enjoy your day!!!
All the presents he got!

One happy birthday boy.

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