September 22, 2011


Since Dave has been gone I've felt the love and support from our family and friends. And I appreciate it all; all the texts, emails, voice mails, cards, prayers, etc. I also understand that while this is my daily life and struggle everyone else is going about their lives. My world has stopped but theirs hasn't. It doesn't mean they don't love Dave or care about his safety or how he is doing, or me, it just means this isn't their daily life. For everyone he's always gone anyway, whether it had been moving to Ft. Meade in Maryland for the past two years, or being away at college. He hasn't been present in their daily lives in quite some time so for most people this is the norm. For me though I feel the emptiness
And that's what I have to remember when it comes to support. Y'all are there if I need you and if I call but if I don't reach out I can't get angry or hurt that people aren't revolving their lives around us (even though I can be a little Laurencentric---me---world revolving). I know I sure didn't check in as often as I should have when I had friends and family who has loved ones deployed. And the truth is you don't know what it's like until it's happening to you.
Last weekend I went to VA Beach to visit my sister and since we were in the vicinity we stopped by our grandparent's to catch up and to treat them to dinner. They're amazing people and it's always great to see them. When we pulled into their drive way the first thing I noticed was their blue star flag with three stars on it.
First let me explain what the Blue Star Flag is:
It is called the Blue Star Service Flag and it was designed by an Army Captain when his two sons were serving in WWI. Today it has transitioned from representing a child in the military to symbolizing a loved one (spouse) serving during current hostilities or war time. My amazing and talented Aunt Sue made me a Service Flag and shipped it to me right after Dave left. I currently have it hanging on my door to my room in my apartment. 
(more information here:,
Pulling into my grandparent's' driveway and seeing that flag with three stars reminded me how even though I may not get calls or check ups regularly from everyone I don't always see the support they're giving. This was a perfect example of how my grandparent's keep Dave in their thoughts and prayers and how they display to others how they're proud to have not one but three family members currently serving overseas. The three stars represent my husband (Dave), my cousin (Sammy), and his cousin (Seth.) It will be flown until they all come home safely. So thank you, I know i don't say it nearly enough but I do know you're there for us and we appreciate and love you all. 

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