September 26, 2011

Hug A Hero

Working at a military hospital I learn about a lot of things I wouldn't necessarily know otherwise. So when I learned about daddy dolls I quickly looked into what they were all about. They are 12 inch soft dolls with a picture of your Service Member on them, perfect for cuddling. The name is a little misleading because they can be for deployed mom's, husbands, etc. But regardless of the name I decided I just had to have one and ordered my very own daddydoll after Dave left. These things are amazing and I can only imagine what comfort they must provide for a child with a deployed parent. 
To start you choose which doll you'd like then you choose the fabric for the backing. I chose to go with stars and stripes and amazingly enough the stars glow in the dark! Then you can add text on the bottom of the doll, so I decided to name mine.....everyone meet DEPLOYMENT DAVE!

I don't believe I go overboard with it but sometimes I will take him in the car with me as I run errands. I'm not to the point (nor do I ever think I'll get there) where I'm making reservations for two and across from me is "Deployment Dave". But it is nice to have something to snuggle with at night and having Dave's face on it only makes it nicer.   What makes it even more fun is the fact that Dave can't stand the doll and thinks it's creepy. My goal is for "Deployment Dave" to make it into the background of as many pictures as I can this year. So if I'm coming to visit please help and remind me to bring Dave along. He's very quiet, and never says anything when I buy a new pair of shoes (so understanding) so he's the perfect house guest and errand partner.

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