August 10, 2014

Perth, Australia

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've been on my little space of the internet. And it's been far too long since I've read my daily blogs (I'm missing your lives Cassie, Aubrey, Christa etc-but I'll catch up when I'm home).
Anyway, we're now in Singapore but I'm recapping our time in Perth. I still can't believe we were lucky enough to have traveled to Australia! It was a fun week with perfect weather and honestly I enjoyed my time exploring on my own.
{Dave and I with part of the Perth skyline}
{me taking the train (metro) out to Fremantle}
{no matter where in the world I am, I'm happiest by his side}
{kangaroo at the zoo!}
{venison, gator, kangaroo, wild boar}
We went out to this cool restaurant that served a game platter on hot lava stone. The brought out the steaming hot platter and you had to cook your own meat. I really wanted to try kangaroo and I'm glad I had the chance. I wanted to try emu as well but couldn't find it on any menu. However, I did find emu jerky at the airport right before flying out, so I bought that and ate it. I crossed both things I wanted to try off my list! Kangaroo was really good and as for the emu jerky, it tasted basically like regular jerky.
{Dave after his dip}
It was a little chilly but Dave and his co-worker decided they wanted to get in the water anyway. We all wanted to go to Penguin Island (behind us) but when we got there we were told there were no ferry's going over because it's their mating season. So close. It would have been neat to see the penguins that call Australia their home year round.

Meat pies are also a big food in Australia so I may have had 3 of them during my stay! It was a great week and I'm glad I've checked off Australia on my world travel bucket list.


  1. I'm missing you too but so glad you are having fun!!! Meat pies, huh? Interesting..

  2. What an amazing trip-- Perth looks amazing! I hope you're enjoying the rest of your trip!


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