June 24, 2014

writer's block-21 blog post ideas

As a well known blogger (sarcasm my friends, sarcasm) I've had the dilemma a time or two about what I should write about. When that happens my randomness usually comes in handy or pictures of Finley, because I have an abundance of them on my camera roll. But if you don't have a cute little golden to fall back on here are some ideas on those blah writing days.

1. Seasonal Plans (Summer plans, Thanksgiving plans, travel plans)
2. Bucket list
3. How To
4. DIY tips
5. Review a product
6. Review a local restaurant
7. Wish list.
8. If we were having coffee....
9. Home tour
10. Favorite's post
11. Playlist-what you're currently listening to
12. Reading list-reviews and suggestions
13. Review a movie
14. Where in the world would you like to travel
15. Work of Fiction
16. Recipe
17. Date night ideas.
18. Hosting tips
19. Party planning ideas
20. Weekend recap

And last but not least
21. Blog ideas post (even when you don't currently have any for yourself)

1 comment:

  1. YAY! I love this list!!! On my to do list this week is to plan out blog post ideas, so thank you for posting this because I jotted it down to help me as I prepare to get my blog started!!


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