June 30, 2014

spiced up date night

Date night for us is typically dinner and a movie-usually redbox and we pick up pizza or Chinese, so it's always fun to mix it up. Cinebistro has reinvented the typical "date night" dinner and movie by combing the two together. It was fun to be served at our seats and enjoy dinner in the theater. My only issue was feeling a little rushed to eat my meal before the start of the movie. The food however, was delicious (albeit expensive) so this will most likely be an every once in a while date night.
{Not the best picture of us-but it'll have to do}
We saw 22 Jump Street and it was hilarious. I don't know how Channing Tatum is so funny-but he is. I never saw 21 Jump Street but wasn't lost with this movie. It was laugh out loud funny and a great Summer Flick.


  1. How fun! We have theaters here like that called Studio Movie Grill...and a fancy, more expensive one just opened called LOOK. Haven't tried that one yet. Glad y'all had fun! I think it's a cute photo :)

  2. Oh I freakin LOVE cinebistro! We go there all the time and probably spend way to much money but oh well.


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