June 13, 2014


Dear Momma and Janet, Dave and I are so blessed to have such amazing moms. I'm so thankful you guys get along too. Dear Dave, happy anniversary weekend! I'm really looking forward to uninterrupted time with you. Dear Finley, we're making improvements with you going willingly into your crate when we leave the house. It's all about treats. I much prefer this to you flopping over and looking at me like "yea bitch, I got you." Dear Dave, I'm not looking forward to all the travel you will be doing in the next few months for work. Dear Summer Book Challenge, I have been slacking majorly over here. Hopefully I'll pick up reading when Dave is gone. And I might need to re-think a book or two because they're boring me! Dear Google calendar, I don't know what I ever did before you. You save my life.
Dear Dad, HAPPY Father's day. I love you so very much and am so thankful you're my dad.


  1. I would totally lost if not for my Google calendar. That thing totally saves my life. Happy Anniversary weekend!!!

  2. I got off track with the summer book challenge too, but was able to pick it back up this week-- excited to hear what you read next :)


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