May 29, 2014

Beach Week: beach essentials

Sometimes I feel like it takes so much effort to get ready to go to the beach that by the time we get there I'm so tired that I just sit for a good long while. But the packing and hauling is always worth it because I'm never uncomfortable or wishing I had brought something. I made a beach essential checklist so you're always prepared too.

If you forget everything else please remember to bring sunscreen. I lather up multiple times even when I'm sitting under my umbrella. I was never a hat person before moving to Florida but it has saved me. I always put my hair up when we'd be at the beach because the wind and water would send it everywhere but I'd always go home with one little burned part. Wearing a hat provides fashionable shade and my scalp isn't burned anymore. I love the beach and while it does take a little planning to spend a day there it's worth it.

My friend Katie and my cousin Emily both fly in this week so I know there's a beach trip in my immediate future. I'm glad I have this list to remember what to bring.

Anything I'm forgetting?
What do you bring to the beach?

AND I'm guest posting over on my friend Cassie's blog Sage. Go check it out.

1 comment:

  1. I ALWAYS forget chapstick. I usually have it in my car, but I always forget to take it with my to the beach. I hate dry lips, no one wants sun blisters.


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