May 30, 2014


Dear Katie, you fly in TODAY!!! Today is the day we'll be together again! I'm so excited! Dear Em and Ryan, so excited you're in town as well! Dear Kindle, I love you, thank you for making it easy to hide that I'm reading. Dear Dave, I love our little family. Dear Finley, we love your haircut, you're such a little cutie. Dear Dave, thanks for being the best and encouraging me with my attempt to rock a summer scarf. And one of my favorite moments this past week was you trying to do it for me from the youtube video tutorial I was watching. Some of that shit is complicated!
{the summer scarf}
Dear Megan, we need to start talking about our next visit/trip together. If we don't too much time will go by. Life gets crazy and I miss you. And I like seeing Caroline grow-after all we have a special bond and I need to stay her favorite. Wait, does she have favorites yet at 14 months? Probably, because she's so advanced. Dear 3 day work week, I love you. I wish you happened more often. Dear Cassie, I'm really loving our No Other Gods study. It's really hard to accept some things but it's so good to grow in Christ. And thanks for letting me guest post yesterday.

Dear places, WHY do you keep the AC so cold? I get that it's hot outside but I shouldn't have to wear my North Face while sitting in my office, shopping at the mall, or eating dinner somewhere. Dear Yelp!, Don't worry, I plan on trying some fun new places with Katie this weekend and I'll review the shize out of them! Dear Tera, Thanks. Now I'm addicted to yelp. Dear Dave, tomorrow is the day you proposed to me three years ago. I'm so thankful for that excited beginning and even more thankful for the life we've built together. I love you more every day.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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