April 18, 2014


Dear Work, thanks for giving me Good Friday off. It's pretty cool.  Dear Finley, you have no idea what's happening today- you're getting snipped! I'm nervous for the procedure but am praying all goes well and you recover quickly. I love you so much you little fur ball. And good job with being out of the crate most of the week, even though I did rush home every lunch break to check on you. Dear Dave, I'm glad we both have today off so we can take Finley together and both keep our eyes on him afterwards. Dear Dad, so happy you're in town this weekend. It's been too long since we've all been together. Glad we can celebrate Easter as a family. Dear Tera, this time next week I'll be in Arizona for your WEDDING! So crazy. Dear Bahamas, I'm missing your gorgeousness. I love Florida but I don't feel like the beaches I go to are this blue and clear. Dear Megan, it was so good to see you at dinner last night and spend some time with our parents and Caroline. Felt like old times us all being together again.
  Dear Dave, I've missed you while I was gone and then you were gone for work. I'm excited for us to be together for a long weekend of just us. Dear Katie P, I'm so glad we have a date for your next visit! I love that friends are enticed into visiting by promises of beach time (and the craft room in Katie's case!). Dear mom and dad, thank you for your endless love and support. Dear Janet, I can't believe you had snow this week! Are you ready to move down here with us yet? We miss and love you.


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