March 18, 2014

spring break-a waste of space.

oh hey friends, it's been a while. Last week I was on spring break and had all these great ideas of what I was going to do with my time off. I didn't do a single thing-not one. Finley and I spent the week hanging out on the couch and watching Hulu.

So here are some of my new favorite shows:

You kind of love/hate the main cop-but are mostly rooting for him. Can't tell if he's a good guy or dirty cop, or maybe a little of both playing either side. Sophia Bush is in the cast and as a fan from way back in her One Tree Hill days I'm excited to see her as a badass that's not always dressed up or fawning over guys.

My sister and I  have been long time fans of SVU (probably because it's been on the air for a zillion years) but I caught up on the most recent season (15!) this past week. Stabler is gone, and although we all know my love crush on him (insert pic) I'm happy with how the show is progressing and where Benson's character is going.

Although Dave thinks it's a stupid show I like it. It's bad guys turned good guys using their bad guy skills to help out. The plots may be silly and unconvincing but I like to be entertained when watching tv, and I am.

I tried...

I tried getting in to Dr. Who and.....I just can't. I know a lot of people like it but to me this whole time travel to save things was bizarre and not fun. Plus the first episode mannequins come to life-FREAKY!


  1. OMG, Darren had me watch the first episode of Doctor Who this weekend. It was horrible. I felt like I was watching a low-budget movie put together in someone's basement. I know people love it, but I just can't. I do watch The Bachelor though, so no room to judge! Hah!

  2. And I just realized I wrote the exact same sentence as you almost...ahhhhhh...great minds...


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