January 14, 2014

tv gods and loving the ipad

Oh.my.gosh. I just fell even more in love with our ipad. Dave and I don't have cable-we put up an antenna to get free over the air channels, so much to my disappointment last week I wasn't able to catch the premier of Downton Abbey. BUT thankfully I learned that PBS has a free app for the ipad and now I can watch it on there FO FREE!!!. Talk about awesome-sauce! Tonight I'll be catching up on yesterday's new episode and trying not to annoy Dave by talking with a British accent.

AND I promise I own other clothes-it just seems like I take pictures lately when I'm wearing this sweater.


  1. Ah, great idea! I didn't have cable for about 3 years, so I figured out lots of loop holes!

  2. So glad it's back on!! I finished episode two last night :)


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