December 30, 2013

New Years Goals

Like anyone, I always start off the year with things I'd like to accomplish for the fresh new year. This year is no different and to hold myself accountable I'm putting it up on this here blog.

Curb my spending. Seriously. I have a tendency to just buy things because-well I don't really know why, and I like to especially buy clothes. I've set a limit for myself this year-only 24 pieces of clothing for the ENTIRE year of 2014. And when I do purchase something new I have to donate an old piece of clothing. As I work at the LOFT I feel that this might be a struggle for me-but you can do anything you put your mind too....and it'll help if I leave my money at home.

Devotionals and Bible studies. I'd like to continue my good streak from last year with my daily devotional Katie and I did. I'd also like to join a study group at the new church we're attending (i love it!) and continue with some studies with my friends.

Turn off technology. I'm always looking at my phone, checking instagram, plugging in online and I feel like Dave and I are missing out on precious moments together. I want us to shut off our phones, keep them in a different room and spend quality time together without any distractions. I don't want to feel like I have to be reachable at every moment.

Anything you want to do or try this next year?

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  1. Love all of these. Definitely need to work on my technology habits as well! I haven't decided yet what my resolutions are for the new year....I usually end up with like 20 things and then can't focus on any of them haha, so this year, maybe I'll just pick a few ;)


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