December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve: Holiday Traditions

As a fairly new married couple (2 1/2 years what what!) Dave and I are still forming our own traditions. Of course we both came into this marriage with traditions from our childhoods and it's interesting how we go about making new ones for our own little family. For example Christmas eve we will go to church (my tradition), eat chicken wings and pizza for dinner (Dave and his best friend Steve's tradition), and drive around in our pj's looking at the Christmas lights (my tradition).
{first Christmas as a married couple was spent and deployment Dave}
{2nd Christmas together-we cut down our own tree in Maryland}
We're still forming our own traditions and I know that they'll just come about naturally through the years. I'm so excited for the time spent together and am so thankful I have Dave all to myself this week. I'm also excited that my parents are just down the street so we can go to church together tonight and then have them over for dinner tomorrow.

On a slightly different note:

Sometimes I miss my sister so much during Christmas time because growing up it was us, and our parents did everything they could for it to be magical for us. My favorite tradition was that we would sleep in the same bed with these pillow cases my mom and her sister slept with when they were young girls. Maybe other people feel this way about their siblings and Christmas but it's just hard to put into words why I miss her during this time. Our family has so many silly traditions that no one else would get-but WE get them and I love that I had someone to share my childhood with.
I always freaked out over my stocking and she would just sit quietly and intently look at everything and place it aside. I was annoying and would want my parents to watch me open everything and Katie was usually much more calm, but you could see it in her eyes when she was excited about something.
It still sometimes feels like a holiday just for us because we spent so many years sharing it together. I know that we're apart again this year but Spaz I miss you and love you so much. I hope that however you're able to celebrate you're thinking of us and know how much we all love you and Nate.

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