November 27, 2013

sexiest man alive

I really don't understand People's sexiest man alive.
I mean I get it, but I don't ya know, get it.

Adam Levine is their pick this year which I whole heartedly agree with much to Dave's annoyance as I watch the voice while drooling and simultaneously smirking. But what I don't understand about their sexiest man alive is that the man they chose the previous year is still alive. No one is dying to pass on the title. Did they get mangled by a tiger so their face is less sexy? no. Did a crow pull out an eye in a freak accident and now they wear a patch that loses their sex appeal? no. (Johnny Depp could pull off the eye patch though-I know it!) So as of now I'm praying for Adam Levine's safety for 2014 as I'd like him to, ya know, stay alive.

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  1. OMG hahaha I didn't think of it this way. SO funny...and I sure do hope Adam Levine stays safe. He's one SEXY man!!


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