November 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Momma, I'm so glad you're so close by that you can stop by for just a hug. Dear Christmas shopping, I just can't get into you this year. Maybe it's because the temps are in the 80's or because I don't have my disposable income anymore, but whatever it is I'm slacking. And it looks like immediate family will be the only ones getting gifts this year. Sorry friends, with a different lifestyle comes some changes.
{haha gotta love Bridesmaids}
Dear Florida, you're wonderful! No lines at the DMV, 80 degree weather at the end of November. We definitely made the right choice to live here. Dear Kelsey, it's so fun running into people I know in Home Depot (our second home). Makes it feel like we're really settling down. Love that! Dear Carole, you don't know how much your prayers mean to me. I can feel God at work in my life because of Mom and your weekly prayers. Thanks for being my second mom!  Dear Finley. can you get any cuter? I just love you so much and am grateful for all the time we spend together. It's funny, as soon as he hears the fridge ding for the ice cubes he ALWAYS comes running in hopes of getting one.
Dear family walks, you're something I look forward to everyday. I love leaving our phones and just being together with Dave as we teach the little furball how to LLW (loose leash walk-thanks Petsmart). A good way to catch up on the day together, enjoy the weather, and unwind from the day. 
Dear Dave, I'm excited for this weekend being just us. I'm hoping that you'll be able to relax around the house. You work so hard at work and then come home to take Finley on a walk and do more things around the house. I'm so appreciative for all that you do. I love you so much.


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