September 11, 2013

puppy prep

I think it should be the norm for people to announce they're adding a dog to their family and have a puppy shower.
Ohhh yes, we're registered at Petco and Petsmart! I mean just think about it. People treat their animals (especially dogs) as their children-sometimes taking it waaaaay too far, but that's another conversation. Some people don't have kids but they have dogs. There's so much to purchase when you first add one to your family, and wouldn't it be more fun to celebrate your new addition. People love puppies, I'm sure they'd gladly show up at your house gift in hand if you provide some food and pictures of your future pet.

Just a thought.

Can you tell Dave and I went out last night and bought all the supplies we need for our little fur ball? I'm pretty sure we got everything we need and maybe a bit more. I kept going back to the treat section certain that I didn't have the right mix and match of crunchy vs chewy or flavors. I'm sure it's going to be a learning experience and once we get the little guy home we'll learn his likes and dislikes, but for now I think we're pretty least I hope so.

Any last minute advice before we pick the little guy up this weekend?

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  1. bring a toy that the pup can play with at the house so it brings the scent home with them. or something that will hold it for a bit, unless the family is doing that. Harlee was separated when we got her so we didn't have to worry about the constant whining because she missed everyone. lucked out.

    best of luck you will be great! can't wait to see photos!


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