August 12, 2013

Weekend and change of frame of mind.

I didn't have a weekend recap post ready to go bright and early this morning because honestly we didn't do much. Dave needed to prep and get ready for his first day of work and other than picking out our slab of granite for the kitchen we stayed in and he did paperwork (blah.) We did however have dinner at a family friends house on Sunday which was nice, but that was about it for our excursions. But I'm glad I waited to post anything because it would have been a sad sob story about how Dave was leaving me for work and I don't know what I'm going to blah blah blah.  BUT now that day one of me being on my own is over I have decided that I'm going to look at this time as a blessing.

Think about it...when in my life will I have the freedom to do what  I want, lay out at the beach, read books, sleep in and not worry about things? Maybe 20-30 years after retirement? I have to look on the bright side, the glass half full side of things. This is a stage in my life where I have no one to take care of (no kids or puppy yet) and all I have to do is clean some dishes, grocery shop, make a couple phone calls, and job search. What do I have to complain about? Seriously?

{I'm reading, Till we Have Faces by C.S Lewis}
The love of my life comes home to me every night and I get to hunt for a job and play. I can't believe I was ever distraught over this. Sometimes I need to talk myself into being in a good mood, thanking God for what I do have, and enjoying THIS moment. I do miss my friends but I am blessed with amazing ones that keep in touch and will visit, and I'm sure I will make new friends here in due time, I just need to be patient.

All around, it was a good day. Now excuse me while I make dinner before my hard working hubby gets home from his first day. I've also decided to be THE BEST extended stay house wife while we're in this season of life. Maybe if I do, he'll let me stay home...haha kidding, kidding.

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  1. Staying home is not so bad and I totally love a little me time any time I can get it!


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