August 13, 2013

NEWS! -new neighbors

Dave and I decided to move to Florida a long time ago when talking about where we saw ourselves in the future. I'm very thankful that we were both on the same page with things. I knew it was going to be a potentially difficult move for Dave, being so far away from his family and best friends but he was willing to do it. For me it was just another move; I'm used to packing up, leaving friends and family and moving to a new place-hellooooo Army brat! So when Dave and I decided to move to Florida regardless of it just being us I was excited.

There was, however, some part of me that longed for what some of my cousins have-a hometown to go back to, with family down the street or an hour away. I see my cousins' kids visiting with their grandparents on a weekly basis and I want that for our future kids, and for myself.

So I'm happy to announce that that will be the case for us as well! When my parents were here visiting a few weeks ago they went house hunting and they are BUYING A HOUSE!!!! Did I mention it's 4 miles away? Dave and I are beyond excited and although we (and they) don't know when they'll move in full time I'm excited that one day they will live so close.* It has worked out perfectly that Tampa has everything they've been looking for in a retirement setting and Dave and I were just an added bonus.

I know what you all are thinking...oh God poor Dave..In laws down the street. But don't fret friends, my parents are very independent people with lots of friends, agendas, dinners, travel plans, so they won't get in our hair-and I promise not to get in theirs either. And luckily we have such a close relationship that if either party starts to encroach on the others personal space we have no problem saying, "hey I've seen you three days in a row, we need some breathing room-back off!" In the most loving manner of course.

Family is the most important to me and to Dave. Friends come and go (not the best ones that turn into family) but family is always there. They HAVE to love you. Suckas!

*close enough to come over in a hurry if need be but far enough away to call before coming over!

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