July 12, 2013


Dave and I got all packed up on Tuesday with amazing movers and then left Maryland on Wednesday after our apartment inspection. We drove down to Hampton, VA to hang out with my grandparents before picking my sister up from the airport. Dave and I stopped at the beach (our first beach trip of the summer) to get a little sun in. 

{chicken foot with grandma // at the airport // landed in Norfolk // Papa's garden}
We hadn't seen my sister in almost a year as she's lived and taught in China for this past year. I was so excited to see her that I didn't mind staying up till 2:00 am to get her. It was nice to spend some quality time together-we get silly when we're together. 
{shopping buddies // weird sister time // grandparents // little miss caroline}
This morning we got up and drove down to Ft. Bragg to spend some time with my best friend and her family before heading on to the next leg of our journey down to Florida. Hope you all had a great week and have a fantastic weekend!

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