July 9, 2013

craft room

{I'm thinking a girlie pale pink for my craft room.}
How cute would this print look (held up with some pink washi tape) in my craft room on the collage wall with all the other prints I've collected over the past couple months? It's on my wish list for once the house is built and I finally have a craft room to decorate. As the move is here and the house is making progress (slow, slow progress) I'm getting even more excited to figure out how we're going to furnish it, and much to Dave's chagrin I have expensive taste-hello Arhaus. So we'll just take it slow and I'll remind myself not to be such a brat and to let things come together in time.
{plumbing in ground, slab about to be laid}

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  1. Yay!! I bet you are soo excited to be able to visit your house while it is being built!!! I am excited to see more progress pictures :) That print is soo cute!!! I am currently wanting to re-decorate our house, and Derek is currently NOT wanting to... I'm trying to convince him to let me 're-purpose' items we have (like painting things) but he is not on board yet... :)


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