June 18, 2013

hey girl

I seem to be on a card kick lately (when am I ever not) but this was too good not to share. As I was looking around on Etsy last night I found this card which I actually purchased from the artist at Eastern Market in DC a few weekends ago. I'm always really excited when I find things online that I already have from amazing local artists. But seeing as Ryan Gosling is a hunk (but not as hunky as you Dave) I had to buy a couple to brighten up some friends days.
If you don't craft you might not find this Gosling "Hey Girl" funny but I know two girls that are cracking up right now.
And this is my husband's smoldering attempt at a Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme. He came up with the question all on his own; he knows his stuff!
Is he the best or what?
DAMN, I'm lucky.

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