May 14, 2013

House Plans-Guest Bathroom

We're finalizing all the design stuff for our house and it's got me thinking about decorating rooms. Ok so technically I've been thinking about this stuff since we put our deposit down, but whatever. Anyhoo I've been slowly purchasing small items (to Dave's detriment)  that I just know I want in certain rooms.
I'll fill you in on my dream guest bathroom: 

With four bathrooms in the new house I'm a little anxious about decorating them all but it will happen in time....slowly. I'm mostly concerned with the master and the guest bathroom for right away. Once we decide on a paint color for the room I think things will come together quickly. For the guest bathroom I'd like to keep it beachy, clean and simple. I want to use driftwood frames for the artwork we have, get a tray for organization, and keep things very minimal. I hope (eventually) to have the guest room and guest bath feel like a get away for friends and family that come to visit. 

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