May 15, 2013

far better

I love  C.S Lewis. I love all his books (hello Narnia!), I love that his journey back  to Christianity was a long but thoughtful one and that he became one of the most influential Christian authors.  
I like this quote from him because it can be applied to so much. I think of it in two different ways:
 1. That when we're reunited with God everything earthly we leave behind won't mean a thing.
2. It can be applied to life here while on Earth. With change.
For me right now I'm anxious about all the things I'll leave behind when Dave and I move to Florida. I'm worried about finding jobs, the house being built on time (and done right), our future friends, etc. BUT what I need to remind myself is that I came to DC with a less than what we're going to start out with. I will be physically leaving behind friends but I've made such amazing ones that I know we'll forever be in each other lives. I have to look ahead and truly trust in God that he will take care of us. Take care of our needs and wants. That in this new place we'll start the next chapter in our lives. It's exciting but nerve wracking as change can be sometimes.

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  1. This is a great quote and great sentiments you added. It's so true... God allows us to have memories so that they make us stronger and allow us to become better in each changing season. I'm so excited for all the things in store for you in Florida... it's so fun to think about on your behalf!


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