May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Dave, I'm proud of you, I'm sure you rocked your interview. Dear Tera, CONGRATS to you and Nathan. I am so over the moon happy for you two and wish I was there to celebrate your engagement. And great job Nathan, that's a beautiful rock! Dear Katie P,  I miss you. Dear Brittney, I'm gonna miss you, but I promise to come visit you in sunny California! No tears. Dear Eastern Market, I'm excited to explore you again for one of my last times (sad). Dear succulent, I've kept you alive for over 6 weeks now and I think it's time I buy a friend for you at Eastern Market. Yay! Dear Office Series Finale, yes I cried. I love the dynamic between Jim and Dwight, the love that Pam and Jim share and the hilarity of every one else. It's just like when friends ended (sad day). But I think a part of it also has a little something to do with me being sad to leave in a few short weeks. Dear Dave, I'm excited to have some quality down time with you this weekend now that the big stress of storage vs. no storage with the Army is over. And yay for us getting storage until the house is completed! Big win for the Bounds.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I haven't seen the series finally yet of office! I am sad and excited all at the same time (: I love your blog! Found you from the link up. Have an amazing weekend ♥

    Yesi @ The Yesi Diaries

  2. Hooray for keeping the succulent alive for so long! One of ours is starting to wilt because it's not getting enough sun in the apartment!!


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