May 3, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear God, THANK YOU for opportunities. Thank you for your abundant love and grace. Dear Dave, you're a stud in suit (and all the other times) but especially sexy in a suit.  Dear Nicole, I'm ready for our road trip!!! I'm excited for our friends wedding, woohoo! Dear old school punk music, you will be making a comeback on the car ride to NC this weekend. Good thing Nicole has eclectic taste like me....we'll go from Mariah, to Motion City, to Jason Aldean like it's no big deal. Dear adult world, I guess I've joined you because I now have a Roth IRA. Go me with my grown up pants on! Dear Spaz, I need to stop being so busy on the weekends so I can sit around and wait for you on Skype. Grrr. I miss your pretty face and hearing about your week but glad we were able to catch up yesterday for a bit. Dear Dave, thank you for helping me be confident. I know things will work out with jobs and life in Tampa will be amazing. I  have faith in you and us. I love you.
{after our interviews yesterday}


Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. So thankful for God's abundant grace and love as well! Happy weekend :)


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