May 30, 2013


With our anniversary right around the corner I've been thinking of ideas for a present for Dave. I like to go the traditional wedding gift route because it makes it a little more fun and you have to get creative. Last year was paper and I gave him an adventure book from the movie Up. This year is cotton, and besides buying him some more Hanes underwear (not romantic) it was a tough one. But I figured it out and I'm really proud of myself. As he's my devoted fan and reader (because I email him the blog everyday) he's going to be reading this and so I won't give anything away.
I've already challenged Dave and I'm curious to see what he comes up with. In the end it won't matter as long as I get a card with some sweet things written and some time together to celebrate our marriage.

It's fun to look at the years ahead though. Next year leather? Seriously, the first thing that come to mind I'd have to go into a specialty store with blacked out windows. But at least I have another year to figure something out.

Just kidding, I would totally NOT whip my husband.

And thanks to Nadine at Back East Blonde for inspiring me to use a .gif. MAN do I love Chandler Bing!

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  1. ba ha ha, I started doing this as well. Last year I gave my husband "photos" that were printed out on "Paper". I have another two months to figure out our, but he's been itching for new bedsheets. He always seems to buy a new set every year. So that may be my go to gift for him (us) ;)


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