April 1, 2013


1. Annapolis 2. new shoes 3. love 4. Naval academy

1. driving home from Annapolis
2. couple car shot
3. waiting for everyone at dinner last night
4. Dave hiding his new tennis racket next to the bed. (It's ok I wore my new sperry's around the house in my pj's)
We had a nice, quiet Easter weekend with time just spent together. Dave met up with his old tennis partner to test our racquet's (I'm not up to par yet!) and after we went and walked around Annapolis where I got some pretty new pink Sperry's. Annapolis is such a quaint little town, and I love being near the water and seeing boats. Sunday night I met up with my friend Walter and some of his friends/family at Das Ethiopian restaurant in Georgetown. It was a pleasant experience, and I'm glad I went. You ate with your hands and it was a communal shared plate. The chicken and beef had such good flavor, but their bread is an acquired taste. It was very crepe like in texture but more spongy and very sour in taste. However it was perfect to use to pick up the food. I'm glad I got to see such a dear friend though and enjoy a new dish.
Hope your Easter weekend was great.

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