April 30, 2013

Weekend-Assateague Island

While I enjoyed our time in Chincoteague I much preferred Assateague Island and State Park. Thankfully Dave is a patient and amazing man and suggested driving an hour out of our way on Sunday morning to try our luck finding ponies there. I was a bit hesitant because I didn't want to waste our time and be disappointed if we didn't see any. We stopped at the Visitor to grab a map and get our bearings and already was impressed at how large the park was in comparison to Chincoteague. From the visitor center we drove across the bridge to the island and already saw TWO WILD PONIES!!!
I knew it could only get better from there. We went straight to the beach and picked up some shells and walked for a little. But then I was getting antsy to see if we could find more ponies. We drove into the park (you have to pay $15 per car-but it's well worth it) and as soon as we did their were about 6 or 7 ponies in the parking lot grazing. Dave pulled right in and we walked over to take some pictures. I got pretty close (probably a little too close) snapped some shots and then when the horse started to move towards me I got freaked out (rightly so) and headed for the car.
{pretty pony}
From there we drove around the park and got out and walked a little, but my ankle has been acting up so I didn't want to do too exert myself too much. It was an amazing day and we could have stayed for a lot longer walking around enjoying the park, discovering more ponies, and sitting on the beach, but we had a 3 hour car ride home. 
On the drive out of the park we saw these two ponies galloping towards each other and then they nuzzled and played together. It was really cute. They're such beautiful creatures. I was really impressed that the Park Rangers don't maintain these horses and that they're free to roam around wherever they want unlike the ponies in Chincoteague.
{My cool husband}
{On the way home, still very excited!}
I was one happy girl! 
Thank you again Dave, you're the best and I love you.

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