April 5, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Janet, I'm so excited to have you in town visiting! Dear Spaz, I hope you know just how much I love you. I may be a crazy over protective sister but my intentions are always backed with love. In the end I just want you to be happy. Dear weather, umm I don't know if you got the memo or not but it's spring and I don't want to have to wear gloves anymore. Thanks. Dear Dave, I promise we'll play tennis soon. I know how excited you are to use your new racket...me too! Dear Momma, thanks for being my number one fan and always hearing me out. Wishing I was able to help you and dad with this move. You know how I love to decorate new houses. Dear Nicole, THANK YOU for finding us Maroon 5 tickets. It was such a blast and although I was dragging major butt yesterday I am so glad we went! Adam Levine, yum! Dear Dave, I may have drooled over Adam at the concert but you are my one and only, my everything and I'm so blessed to share every day with you.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Awe! Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend my dear!

  2. Adam Levine called and said he wants us to go on tour with him. You in??


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