April 10, 2013

Food for thought.

I sometimes struggle with my current job position. I look at what I do and I'm sometimes embarrassed to tell people that I work the front desk. That's right, I greet every.single.person that comes in, I give directions, I answer phone calls, I fax things, and I make copies. That is what I do. But that is only my job description. What else I do is check on people, smile at them, joke, laugh, and help them figure out where they need to go. It's hard sometimes (for me at least) to feel worthwhile because of my job.
Yesterday I had a gentlemen I work with tell me to sit back down because I needed to hear something. He told me that the job I do is important. The impact I have on some one's day-regardless of length we spend together-is important. My bubbly attitude, happy demeanor (usually) and smile brightens people's days. He told me a story about a man that had impacted many people. This man parked cars at the Capital, a job most people would not find important. He talked to senators, congressmen, etc and the impact of chatting with him made people's days better. Their heads would be clear for a vote because exchanging words with him would be a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day. When he passed away these high ranking officials from the Capital, and others who had interacted with him showed up to pay their respect. How amazing is it that short conversations with him could impact so many people? It's such a sweet and encouraging reminder. You just never know who you're touching in a day.
YOU are important. Self worth is not a job title, it's not the car you drive, it's not how many followers I have on this here blog. It's something more. It's how you impact others and what you do with your life (not job wise but more like the person you are.)
If you take anything away from this please just know that YOU matter. To someone, you matter. You never know how someone can take away something from a simple hello, or holding a door, or a simple smile. It's easy to forget and it's hard to keep living this way when so often you feel overlooked and unappreciated. So I'm saying it now, to you and you and you, that YOU matter, what you do matters. 

And on the other hand, be kind because your words could be that tipping point for someone. And wouldn't you want it to brighten some ones day rather than making it worse. 

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