April 24, 2013

CPR certified.

It's been a little crazy lately (sorry for some missing posts), and yesterday I was just worn out so
wasn't able to get a post ready. Yesterday Nicole and I went and took a CPR class. It's a great life skill and I feel more confident having it under my belt. I honestly think it's something that everyone
should be required to take. I hope to never have to use it, but with friends having babies, working in a hospital, and just life in general I am glad to have this knowledge if I'm ever in the situation where it's needed. I just hope and pray that if faced with a situation that I would step up and act.

To find a course click HERE.

One thing I've always been scared of is attempting CPR and then they (or their family) suing me. But under the Good Samaritan Act, I should be covered. Basically it's there so we can give CPR without fear of legal action. If you are truly acting as a "good Samaritan", basically meaning you are trying to help the person out of kindness (not reward) and take reasonable actions you shouldn't be at risk.

Information on the Good Samaritan Law: here
To check out YOUR state good Samaritan act click here.

I hope you all will take the time to look into taking a class. It's a good life skill to have and who knows when it will come in handy. YOU might just be able to save some one's life one day.

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