March 13, 2013

green beans

I love vegetables. But lately I seem to prepare them the same way, and while I believe that my age old methods are far superior (ok not really) I'm willing to try something new. I'm craving a different taste. For now I'm starting with green beans since I'm not willing ready to improve my asparagus. While pinterest is helpful I could use some assistance.
Last week I blanched some green beans and then with my friend Tera's suggestion made a, I guess it'd be a sauce, to coat them in. Basically I mixed red vinegar, a little yellow mustard, a dash of lemon juice, and some honey together and then tossed them in with the beans. I liked that they had a little zest to them and was something different than what I'm used to. But now I could use your help....

Any suggestions on green beans as a side dish? I'm going to try this one next.

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  1. Have you tried the green bean recipe you shared? I had something similar at a restaurant in Austin and they were DELICIOUS!! I'm curious if these were too!?


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