March 21, 2013


Sorry to post so late in the day but last night was a busy night of school work and spending time with a friend  (and sorority sister) from college that is in town for a work conference. And today was a little crazy at work as well. Whew....but I'm home now ready for some more studying and some much needed couch time with Dave. I just need a hug, hugs fix everything, especially ones from my love.
I'm reminding myself to just breathe today. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and then let my stress rule my day. I'm trying to take it one step at a time. Although school started on Monday I'm already feeling overloaded with reading and work. I bet that once I get into the swing of things I'll feel better about my course load though. It's been 5 years after all since I graduated undergrad,so I'm a little rusty. I'm so used to having time on my hands to do whatever I want, craft, hang out, etc. but now my time is limited with all the reading I need to do. I'm going to just breathe, pray, and repeat.

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