November 5, 2012


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.

One of my favorite moments from the weekend was surprising one of my
closest friends. She had asked for me to pray for her nerves because
she was going to dance in front of her church and was nervous for it.
I decided to not only pray but to drive down and be there for her
performance. I tried to get in touch with her beforehand but she
didn't have her phone on her. Dave (the best husband ever) came with
me to support her, we watched her dance (think jabbawockeez style) and
she nailed it! Then the church service started and I couldn't find her
in the dark. When it was meet and greet time before the sermon I kept
my eyes peeled and found her. I ran over to where she was and tapped
her on the back and said good job. When she turned around and said
thank you I could tell the recognition didn't set in yet, it took her
a second and then she was hugging me and crying. I'm so glad that I
was able to bless such a special person. She is always doing things
for others and I wanted her to know that she is special. Katie, I love
you so very much and I am blessed to call you my friend.

In less mushy news, Dave crafted a tray which turned out awesome. He's
becoming quite the craftsman. Home Depot seems to be our second home
which I'm actually enjoying. It makes me excited to one day own a home
and take on some DIY projects. I say that now but we'll see how I
really feel when the time comes.

Have a great day!


  1. awww what a great friend you are! that's an awesome surprise - good for you!

    1. Thanks LeahJo! I was happy to do that for my friend. It's wonderful to be blessed with such amazing people.


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