October 4, 2012


I did this for my girlfriends.

I did this so that when they did something crazy in a relationship it would never be as crazy as "what Lauren did".

I did this so you could compare yourself and look normal.

So to all the ladies out there......you're welcome.

Dave and I were just dating at the time. We had been for together for almost a year, but not quite. He was temporarily in AZ for 6 months (thank you Army) and we were seeing each other as often as we could. He was going to come home a couple weeks after our one year anniversary and I just KNEW that we were going to be together forever. I was sure he felt the same way too, and we had talked about marriage and the like before so I know it was on his mind-even if just in the background. The planner in me had me looking at dresses (this was before Pinterest) and colors and venues. I found am awesome website that sold gently used wedding gowns. I couldn't understand why people would pay upwards of $3000 dollars for a dress for one day. I scrolled through the dresses, I found one I liked. It was in my size! It was 20 minutes from where I lived! I talked to my co-workers about it. They said it was crazy to go and check it out, I agreed. I called my mom and she said it wasn't crazy, so we went to this woman's house and I tired on the dress. It fit like a glove, my mom teared up, so I bought it.
cue the psycho music.

Long story short: He came home and two weeks later he proposed. Sixteen days later we were married at a courthouse, and then he deployed for a year. We had our traditional wedding when he came home and it was the most wonderful day in the world. However, I didn't end up wearing this dress. It is beautiful and silky and has the most gorgeous movements, but for me it just didn't have exactly what I wanted for the venue we chose. I need to sell it (ipad money!), there's no point in having an unworn dress hanging in my closet....so if you know anyone who is looking for a size 4 gown please send them my way.

Check out the dress HERE.


  1. I don't understand how people can spend thousands on a dress either. I've been wedding dress shopping and everything I like is out of my budget - I am NOT raising my budget! I've started to consider buying used wedding dresses but am pretty hesitant about doing so. It may be what I have to end up doing, though, in order to get what I love.

    Have you thought about having the dress shortened? That way you could wear it to a fancy dinner or something? If the picture in your post is your dress, I think you could get away with doing that and it not looking like a wedding dress.


    1. Awww Lauren I hope you find something that you just LOVE. As sceptical as I was I found my wedding dress at David's bridal, and it was the most perfect thing I've ever worn.

      As for this other dress I doubt I want to shorten it. I would if I was a Gossip Girl, but I never go to fancy dinners so it would just be a waste, but good idea!


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