August 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Makayla Jade added pictures to her website of the wedding day. I don't know what stay say except that

Check out her website to see the full day.

I know people are going to get sick of wedding pictures, but too bad because I just can't stop looking at them yet. They're all so lovely and fully capture the relaxed atmosphere and happiness of that day. Let's talk about the day a little shall we? Don't mind if I do...(get it "i do", ha i crack myself up)

First look
It's a new fad and it may not work for most traditional bride and grooms, however it worked for us. Since we were already married I didn't really feel that I was losing out on "that moment" if he saw me before the ceremony. I was actually really *nervous on the day of the ceremony (I don't like to be be stared at) so I needed to see Dave because he calms me down. It was great doing the first look and pictures before the ceremony because we got to spend time with our guests right after without that hour or so most people dedicate to pictures. It also allowed me to get comfortable in my dress and hang out with everyone a bit beforehand.

Favorites of the day
  • The venue. It's stunning and didn't need any additions to make it gorgeous
  • That the boys showed up early to get ready
  • Spending one on one time with my sister while getting our hair done
  • That my dad was strong and didn't cry while walking me down the aisle (i credit my first look with my dad and pictures beforehand to that. whew! because if he was crying I would be bawling)
  • How emotional Dave got during our vows. There was almost a tear!
  • Every.single.person dancing all night long 
One of the most amazing things about our wedding day was just standing on the dance floor during an 80's song while everyone is singing and just looking around and feeling so absolutely blessed and loved. All these people traveled to South Carolina to celebrate Dave and my marriage. It's a great feeling to know that they can see the love Dave and I have for each other. I didn't realize how special and rare that is and I promise to always cherish and treasure it.

* I was so nervous the morning of our ceremony, that I woke up extremely early and was shaking violently. Dave actually had to hold me to make me stop. I also got sick before the rehearsal the morning of the ceremony. Winner!

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