August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

This past weekend Dave and I had our religious wedding ceremony with all our friend and family in Columbia, SC after our first year of marriage which coincided with our first year long deployment together. I'm still processing how magical everything was but wanted to share some of my favorite photos of the day that my good friend Mary took. Her pictures turned out amazing and I can only imagine what our professional pictures will look like if I'm over the moon about these!

 The venue that we used was the The Millstone at Adam's Pond. I do not have the words to describe just how lovely this place is. You can't truly appreciate it until you're there. It's such a romantic spot with such great places to have pictures taken. It truly was the most perfect place for our ceremony and reception. We worked with Kristy with the venue and she was amazing. Throughout the whole process she was there helping me every step of the way and was there all day on the day of our ceremony. She's the sweetest person and paid such great attention to me and my family. I highly recommend Adam's Pond for any bride.

I LOVE this picture. I'm so impressed with Mary for getting this shot. Dave dipped me and kissed me when we got married (June 16, 2011) and he did it again here. What I love most is the Chaplains face in the background. It's priceless. I just love it so much.
I like how Dave lifted up our arms like YAY! Married......again. I love how proud of us he is and how he's happy to show us off. More Wedding updates to come in the following weeks.

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