August 6, 2012

Saturday, Dave and I took my sister Katie to Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA for her birthday and for some quality time before she leaves for China in a couple of weeks! We hadn't been since we were younger and it was such a fun experience to go back. It was really fun to share memories with Dave for his first time at the park. Dave and I were lucky enough to get our tickets to the park for free! Hero Salute provides free tickets to Active Duty Service Members and up to three dependents. It's fantastic, you get one complimentary ticket a year and all you have to do is register online and show your military ID when you go to the cashier window. THANK YOU Hero Salute for showing your appreciation to Service Members and their families, we thoroughly enjoyed our day.

slurpeeeee time
 Between the three of us we ate It was kind of disgusting how much we ate but we got really hungry fighting those waves in the wave pool

riding the waves in...there's an art to it that we've mastered
 Katie and I had the most fun I think in the wave pool. Since we haven't been to Water Country in a while things seemed so much smaller and less fast, however we still had a blast riding the waves back to "shore".
Cute sister shot taken by my wonderful husband.

Mr. Wonderful and I

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  1. With the recent heat wave, that place looks like heaven!! Love the sister date!


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