August 20, 2012


I honestly don't even know where to begin about this past weekend. I'm so grateful and blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. At one point during the reception I just stood there and smiled because all these amazing people were there jumping up and down on the dance floor to celebrate Dave and my marriage. It's amazing, and I'm still so overwhelmed by all the love you have for us and each other. Thank you, there are not words to tell you how much this weekend meant to me.

I honestly don't have many pictures of the day yet because I didn't take any (duh) but here are a few that some of my friends took to tide you over for the next while.
Matron of Honor, Megan, and the sign she and her husband made for the venue

rehearsal walk through with the Chaplain
walking in with my dad
Thank you to everyone that came to help us celebrate our marriage. It was such a perfect day and I'm so very glad that we did this. Thank you especially to my dear husband for having us have this celebration, and encouraging me to be excited even when I wasn't sure about it. I love you so much.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well.


  1. Congratulations.. you look beautiful.. I love the way you did your hair..

  2. This is so beautiful! Where did you get married? Can't wait to see more wedding photos!


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