July 5, 2012

From Dave

So I've been back for about two weeks now and it feels great. Being back really puts things into perspective. We're truly lucky to live in such a great country and have so many opportunities. Lauren did an amazing job with the apartment, it felt like home the first time I entered. The neighborhood and community are real nice too. It's a 45 minute drive to work but with no traffic it's not that bad. I start a new job Monday which should be interesting. This year for the fourth of July Lo and I sat on the couch and watched the Boston Pops. We went to Boston last year to see them so it was fun seeing them on TV this year. Our friend Walter came up to visit too. I'm really excited to go to Twin Lake Village up in New Hampshire in a few weeks to see my family. I think (and hope) Lauren will like it. After that it's wedding part II! Thanks for all the support when I was away and I hope to see many of you next month in South Carolina!

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