September 18, 2011

Captain America

Friends and family.  Hello!  I'm doing well here in Afghanistan.  3 meals/day, free laundry service, nice gym, and good weather.  I would say it feels like a vacation but I don't think Lauren would like me saying that!  The people here are nice, but they have nothing and I feel bad for them.  I honestly don't know how some people live like they do.  We've made a few friends with the locals and recently went
to a party with the Afghan security guard force (on the base, of course).  We sat on the ground and ate food with our hands.  Luckily for me all they had was white rice, bread, and chicken!  It's almost been 2 1/2 months already, it's going by fast! Lauren and I are very excited for the honeymoon in March to Whitehouse Sandals in Jamaica.  For now though I just try to keep in my daily routine of going to the gym, work, dinner, and my favorite part of the day, Skyping with my beautiful wife Lauren (and no, she is not making me say this!)  I hope to talk to you all soon and sorry if I have been bad with responding to all the letters and packages you all send.  I truly do appreciate it, and I'll be sure to fill everyone in with what happens next in my adventure overseas.

Me hanging outside.

Where I live, our compound.

The front porch where Lauren and I Skype almost every morning.

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