May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters

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I got this idea of writing a letter every on Friday's from this sweet blog I follow called Adventures of Newlyweds. So here goes my first one:
Dear husband I can't wait for your return, and I'm so thankful for your service to our country. I'm honored to be your wife and stand beside you in our journey of life together. Dear sister friend I'm excited for everything new to come in your life. It may be a stressful time but you will make an impact wherever it is you go next. Dear June you cannot get here soon enough. PLEASE hurry up so Dave can be on his way home to me. Dear America please remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the bbq's, pool openings, and the time off but keep in mind those that have given their ALL for you. Dear Heroes thank you, there are no other words.

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