April 12, 2012

Over the last 9 months Lauren has been amazing at sending me pictures, letters, and gifts. After the first 20 letters or so I decided to decorate a wall of my tiny room with all her letters. After a couple months the wall was already 75% full, so I had to be more selective with which letters were "wall worthy". I would have put them all up, but I had to pick and choose becasue the wall was so small. The picture of me with the Lauren Wall will be the last, as I sadly took down the pictures today. I could barely fit all the pictures and letters she's sent me into one box. The box is definitely something I want to hold onto so we can look back on them in the future and I can brag to everyone about how awesome my wife is. Lauren's letters were great, and so were the letters and pictures from everyone else. Both Laurens family and my family were always sending me things. I was definitely the mail king here. Thanks to everyone for all their support over the last 9 months. I truly appreciate every package and letter I've received. I've started packing things up and mailing them to our new address in Rockville. Hope to see everyone soon! Thanks again!

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